Live Performance: 28.11.2021

Beethoven - "Ghost" Trio (2nd movement)

Due to this, Trio Alterna received the price for the best interpretation of a piece by Beethoven at the "Beethoven at his time" competition

Soliloqvies - Teaser

My debut album "Soliloqvies" was released

Entrevista 21.02.2021

Interview with Paco Alcántara, Radio Nacional de España, 9:15

J.S. Bach BWV1028 III. Andante

February 2018
Duo van Westhoven: Yuko Inoue & Amarilis Dueñas

Antoine Dard Sonata V

February 2018
A. Dard Sonata V in D minor
Duo van Westhoven: Amarilis Dueñas & Yuko Inoue

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