20. dic., 2018

I'm truly happy to be the new cellist of Almanda Trio: it is so much fun and such a pleasure to play together with Linda Guo (violin) and Alexandra Momot (piano)! Check it! 

25. may., 2018

I'm glad about having been selected for this wonderful project, which brings music to every kind of public! Check their website

21. mar., 2018

Happy European Day of Early Music!!!! 

Check the video!!

In order to celebrate Johann Sebastian Bach's 333rd birthday, we want to round that number with the 3rd movement of his second sonata for Viola da Gamba and Harpsichord, a beautiful Andante, which we always love to play! 
Johann Sebastian Bach is the greatest composer and there's no day that we don't celebrate his music, but today, as every 21st of March, has to be more than ever!!

We are Duo van Westhoven: Yuko Inoue & Amarilis Dueñas

25. sep., 2017

Very happy about my brand new instrument!! 

Sund Sidereo is a Violoncello Piccolo made by Eduardo Francés Bruno based on the model of A&H Amati 1600. 

Looking very much forward to making so much music!!

22. may., 2017


Beethoven "am Rhein" (by the Rhine), where it was originally composed, in the way it was originally composed: gut strings, fortepiano...
Thank you very much, dear Yuko, I am really looking forward to developing this project much more! 
Sonata Op.5 No.1, the melodies I remember from my childhood, a sonata I never played but listened to so many times, and today I also played for the very first time with fortepiano. The more you respect the style and time of composition the more fun it gets... (!!!!)

It was just a perfect Sunday: beautiful people, great food and wonderful music.
Let's just keep enjoying like this!!!

Picture by Ketil Haugsand